Top Tens of 2014 (Part One)

To cap off an incredible 2014, we asked some of our extended Restless Nites friends & family to come up with their Top Ten lists of 2014 – with no restrictions as to what that might mean. Here’s what they came up with…


Tahl Klainman, aka Ford Prefect
(Spaceland Presents, Risky Vision, and Bananas)

Tahl’s Tip Top Ten Eats of 2k14

1. Hero Shop: “Fatty Brisket Banh Mi – GOOD LORD”
2. La Fuente: “Homey, Highland Park fajitas for days”
3. Gigi’s Bakery: “Historic Filipinotown staple”
4. Silverlake Local: “Post-warehouse hangover brunch”
5. Beverly Tofu: “Pre-warehouse hangover dinner”
6. Pho Cafe: “When the line at Silverlake Ramen is too long”
7. St. Vincent’s Deli: “Hidden gem working-man’s Doner Kebab in DTLA”
8. Prufrock Pizza: “Gotta represent”
9. OB BEAR: “Mario Cotto delight – Korean fried chicken ‘n beers”
10. El Flamin’ Taco: “Haters beware, $5.50 pollo burrito w/ avo still best deal in Echo Park”

@tahldarkhandsome / @tahldarkhandsom


Mike Gamms, Comedian
(RNLA Comedy Curator)

Mike Gamms’ Top 10 Celebrity Run-Ins of 2014

1. Andy Dick
I had met Andy Dick a few times through mutual friends, but the first time we really hung out was Coachella Weekend 2, where I “accidentally” gave him too many magic mushrooms at the Rhonda takeover of the Saguaro and made him cry. Whoops.

2. Marilyn Manson
Andy and I rebounded from our fungi adventure, and he took me to the VH1 Classic Golden God Awards, where moments after meeting Marilyn Manson, I watched the Anti-Christ Superstar “jokingly” strangle Andy backstage. On a side note, I’ve now had as many run-ins with people claiming to have hooked up with Manson as I have with Manson himself (three).

3. Slayer
The same night I met Marilyn Manson, I met Slayer. This didn’t last long, as Andy Dick got us both kicked out of the event when he stole a bottle of Grey Goose from their private dressing room. #metal.

4. Sean Lennon
I met Sean Lennon after his new band, Ghost of A Sabertooth Tiger, played at the El Rey. After the show, I was able to convince him and his entire entourage to come with me to an Overpass Pop-Up party in a 110 degree warehouse in the heart of South Central. He left around 4am, shortly after we were almost mugged at an ATM outside. Needless to say, he hasn’t returned my texts since.

5. Dee Snider
I met the lead singer of Twisted Sister at a benefit concert in New York. It was really awkward because at the time I was doing a bit where the punchline was “Fuck Dee Snider, Twisted Sister sucks!” Anyway, this run-in also ended in disaster. When his wife told me she loved my fur coat and asked to wear it, I started yelling “No, you’re not gonna take it” over and over again. Dee was not amused.

6. Eagles of Death Metal
After a few run-ins with lead singer, Jesse Hughes, I somehow convinced him to let me perform a comedy bit during their set at Festival Supreme. This resulted in me falling on my face in front of 3,000 people, twice in a matter of 8 seconds. While wearing nothing but my whitey tighties.

7. Vincent Gallo
As a Buffalo area native, meeting Vincent Gallo at Desert Daze this year was a dream come true for me. But if his serial killer stare was any indication, for him it was a nightmare. I *rolled* up to him with my friend *Molly*, and told him over and over again I loved him. It didn’t go over well, and neither did the vintage Buffalo Bills sweatshirt I wore in his honor. #Spanningtime

8. Tom Green
I ran into Tom Green during a Paul McCartney concert at Dodger Stadium where we both had floor seats. He could afford the seats because he’s had a successful career as an entertainer. I was there because I managed to sneak past 3 security check points by jamming an orange Zig Zag rolling paper package on my wrist to give the illusion I was wearing a VIP and pretending that I was Sean Lennon. Not only do I pretend to be friends with Sean, sometimes I pretend to be Sean.

9. Jesse Camp
I’ve spent more time with the former MTV VJ than I have with anyone else on this list, but I’ll never forget the first time we hung out. We were at Nightswim at the Roosevelt, and he kept going up to random hot girls and saying “Have you met my friend Mike Gamms? He hosts a new game show called “Mythbusters” and owns a condominium,” and then he’d walk away as I awkwardly mumble and avoid eye contact. #ladiesman

10. Mike Gamms
The last person I met in 2014, is me, Mike Gamms. I may have been alive since 1987, but, I feel like I never really knew who I was until Burning Man 2014. That’s where I really found myself and discovered who I am. I feel like I was a different person before The Burn, so it was the first time I met the new me… Just kidding, I didn’t go to Burning Man and I’d kill myself if I ever called it, “The Burn.”

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Zane Landreth
(Mount Analog / Nuit Noire)

Zane’s Top 10

Andy Stott – Faith In Strangers
Head High – Megatrap
Gesloten Cirkel – Submit X
Grouper – Ruins
Broken English Club – Jealous God 4
Millie & Andrea – Drop The Vowels
Container – Adhesive 12″
Powell – Club Music 12″
Ned Doheny – Separate Oceans
Unit Moebius – Kuiken 1/2

Climb Mount Analog.


Jeralyn Mason
(Restless Nites Designer)

Jeralyn’s Top Ten Nails I Saw on Instagram (clickable)











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Chris Zaldua, Restless Nites Editor, RNSF Curator
Surface Tension party fellow, techno nerd

Chris’ Top Ten Things That Got Me Through 2014

1/ HTRK’s “Psychic 9-5 Club”
2/ Lowtec’s Resident Advisor podcast
3/ Eating kiwis with the skin on
4/ Black tea with milk (no sugar)
5/ Hosting Ancient Methods’ DJ set, his first in San Francisco
6/ Profligate performing live at RS94109
7/ Literally everything Giegling released in 2014
8/ Traumprinz’s remix of Efdemin, which reminds me of that shameful time when I used to listen to Moby’s “Porcelain” on repeat
9/ Fog
10/ Everything released by Itinerant Dubs


Remy Marc
Restless Nites CEO/Founder/Whatever

Remy’s Top Ten Meat Tenderizers Of 2014 (no particular order):

Xhin – Claw Eyes EP

Demdike Stare, live at the Masonic Hall at Hollywood Forever Cemetery

A bottle of Louis-Antoine Luyt Empedrado 2010 (released this year though)

MacBook Pro (Retina) 15-Inch, Mid-2014 (the solid-state drive being key here)

My bedroom door – slammed in frustration – when you wouldn’t leave

Blacknecks 004

Cane I borrowed to nurse my rolled ankle, injured during a ketamine evening

Slowly Exploding – 10 Years Of Perc Trax

1979 Puch Magnum XK (restored 2014)

Ceephax Acid Crew, live on the rooftop of the Standard DTLA

(special thanks to YouTube user, barbeque08, for the two live video captures used in this list)


WOAH (We Open Art Houses)
Art Curation – Restless Nites LA

10 #WHOA provoking artsy moments WOAH (We Open Art Houses) had in 2014

Ordered by the most recent time I said ‘WHOA’ at an art thing. Not included below? Two
retrospectives currently up through 2015. I’ll include Cameron: Songs for the Witch
(at MOCA PDC thru Jan 18) and Pierre Huyghe (at LACMA thru Feb 22) next
year… and after you see them!

Trecartin-FitchLizzie Fitch / Ryan Trecartin, at Regen Projects, Hollywood.
The pair collaborated to present a sculptural theater encompassing an immersive multi-
screen video installation set in a tent sprawling the entire gallery. (The tent installation
sold as­is… my goal in 2015 is to make friends with this collector so we can camp­out

. . .
Eureka-and-the-BiomassEUREKA & the BIOMASS, at 5 Car Garage, Santa Monica.
A ‘Beauty & the Beast’ set in 2100, Megan Daalder’s sci­fi musical followed a human’s
love affair with a synthetic organism: ‘the biomass,’ a spectacular behemoth, humanoid

. . .
Composite-ArcadeCayetano Ferrer: Composite Arcade, at Château Shatto, DTLA.
An ‘environment’ playing on ‘civic & fictional space,’ including Endless Columns, a column
lit with flashing neon lights within a mirrored room, reflecting a displaced infinity within a
cavernous kaleidoscopic casino.

. . .
Madame-Freedom_1Hyung Su Kim/Hyo Jin Kim: Madame Freedom, at REDCAT, DTLA.
The Seoul­based multimedia collaboration presented the US premiere of their immersive
performance, synthesizing interactive dance with opulent video installations.

. . .
Sure I may be biased since I helped produce this showcase… but with my partners
Shelley Holcomb and Experimental Half­Hour, nearly 30 of the most amazing video artists
and animators came together for the latest in the worldwide bring your own projector
series. Feat. mind­bending visuals from Adam Ferriss, Aki Ymsht, Alex Benzer, Alex
Pelly, Alex Tarrant, Globodigital, Kate Parsons, Matt Hebermehl x James Drz, Mike
Harrison, Miko Revereza, Nu Speed, Sam Newell, The Great Nordic Sword Fights, Theo
Trian, Tripp x Jenna Watt, Vince McKelvie, and Whitney Gibson alongside live
performances from sound frequency freakers Twin Braids, Matthewdavid, and White

. . .
Mike-Kelley-(Kandors)Mike Kelley, at The Geffen Contemporary at MOCA, DTLA.
The artist’s retrospective was a not-­to-be-­missed survey of the late artist’s tragic
complexity and originality. I went for three multiple hour increments and still ran
out of time on the final day. With rooms installed thematically according to bodies
of work, the exhibit never felt separate but read as a totality of Kelley’s remarkable
consistency throughout his life. My favorite part? The dream­like apocalyptic mini-
setting of the Kandors— Kelley’s small city models of Superman’s birthplace
contained within glass bell jars attached to oxygen tanks.

. . .
AnimalCharmAnimal Charm, at China Art Objects, Culver City.
First solo show of object­and­projection video works born from the collaboration of
Richard Bott and Jim Fetterley.

. . .
There-Is-No-Beginning-There-Is-No-End---img-cc-Suzy-PolingThere Is No Beginning, There Is No End, at MATA, Mid­City.
Group show of print works excavating digital and natural oscillations from Nina
Hartmann, Suzy Poling, Reuben Sawyer, and Christopher Reid Martin. For the opening,
sounds from Shelter Death, Pod Blotz, and Aurelius Roemer Nappa set the scene in walls
clad in black­-and­-white.

. . .
CoralMorphologic-at-TOP40Coral Morphologic x Meghan Edwards (Curated by Jackie Gomez), at Top 40, Lincoln
The one­off series of 40 different exhibitions set in the former Night Gallery space was
transformed into an aquarium one night when Jackie Gomez curated the scene.
Underwater projections and the voice of Meghan Edwards set the mood within lavender
lights and an intimate synchronous DMT­infused ritual.

. . .
Samara-Golden-(Mass-Murder---Blue-Room)Samara Golden: Mass Murder, at Night Gallery, DTLA.
An immersive exhibition took over the behemoth gallery space, acting like a portal into the
mind of the LA artist. In the main Blue Room (pictured), projections of a sunset lit a
surreal, silver­drenched living room, complete with a faux abalone piano, guitar, lamp,
vases, ash tray, candles and jewelry. For the opening smoke machines filled the room

. . .Way more WOAH at

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