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Drunken Devil presents Bloody Gras

DJ Stacy Christine

Dixieland Band

Burleseque Performances
An Open Bar
+ plenty of hedonism

Saturday, February 25th • 8PM – 1am • 21+
927 S Santa Fe Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90021

Debauchery and decadence reign supreme as the Drunken Devil cordially invites you to a Mardi Gras celebration you won’t soon forget: Bloody Gras.

Doors open at 8pm. Upon entry, pass through a seedy bayou and into a dark and booze-soaked jazz club, in the throes of a debauched Mardi Gras celebration. Let the good times roll at our open bar, featuring modern twists on classic New Orleans cocktails, beer, and wine.

Be amazed by a series of strolling acts from a variety of talents, including Drunken Devil alum, magician Micah Cover (The Magic Castle), and, straight from the dark streets of Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor, Scott Michael, Whodini Driftwood, and Twirly the Clown, performing a menagerie of shock magic, sideshow gags, and sword swallowing, to terrify and delight.

At 9pm, a live Dixieland Band takes the stage, creating an atmosphere of revelry as you are invited to dance the night away. Between sets, enjoy tantalizing burlesque by resident performer Scarlette Fox, Drunken Devil alum Madeline Sinclaire (Bang Boom Bash), and Jessabelle Thunder (Monday Night Tease!)

At 11pm, in traditional Drunken Devil fashion, the lights of the stage are replaced by the flickering glimmer of a mirror ball, as DJ Stacy Christine (Shits & Giggles, Bears in Space) provides demonic disco tunes to close the evening.

Be forewarned, mortals; it is the Devil’s party, and dark mischief is afoot. Rumor has it that the spirit of the Axeman of New Orleans, a deranged, axe-wielding maniac thought to be a myth, will be descending upon the celebration. Choose to partake in a totally new, immersive storyline, as you must find a way to banish his evil spirit through a series of puzzles and, perhaps, a bit of black magic.

Dress to Impress. Attire should reflect the hedonism and debauchery of Mardi Gras and 1920’s jazz clubs.

Tickets are $75 and are all-inclusive. Tickets to Drunken Devil events are highly limited and previously have sold out. 21+, no exceptions.

All of the proceeds from this event will benefit JQ International, an LGBTQ and Jewish community programs and services organization in Los Angeles. To learn more about JQ International, please visit their website.

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