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For the Victims of the Oakland Tragedy…

A platform for relief for the victims of last week’s devastating Oakland Ghostship tragedy.

Early live sets from 8pm to 11pm.
DJ sets from 11pm to Dawn.


Friday, December 9th • 8pm – Late • 21+ • Private Location, RSVP Req’d • Donations at Door

This Benefit is solely for the Relief Fund for Victims of Ghostship Oakland Fire, which Josette from the Grey Area Foundation for the Arts in SF has been kind enough to set up and manage.

Immediate donations can be made here: YOU CARING DONTAIONS

Words cannot describe how devastating the effects of this fire are to the victims friends and families. There will be many Vigils and Memorials to come for people to process their grief and come together to support each other, such as Coaxial’s Gathering to Honor the Victims on Saturday, but in the meantime we simply want to use the platform we have to provide immediate relief for the victims who are currently suffering beyond words, both financially and spiritually.

The space and sound are being donated and Everyone involved is 100% donating their time, talents, and resources, and taking no money for their involvement, with everything going directly to the Relief Fund.

Visual artists Suzy Poling, Christopher Reid Martin, and many others will be donating prints to be auctioned off earlier in the night.

There will be immersive and reflective ambient and experimental live performances from 8pm until 11pm from Elaine Carey of Telecaves, $3.33, Eric Parren, Geneva Skeen, and Tom Hall.

From 11:30 till very late you can support the relief fund by staying for a classic LA afterhours underground acid/techno/house dance party featuring DJ sets from Aaron Davis & Masha (Acid Camp / Dig Deeper), Remy Marc (VSSL / Restless Nites), Tahl K (Finetime), Force Placement (Black Lodge), Corey Sizemore (Lights Down Low), Dahlia and Kid606 (Perpetual Dawn).

We completely understand if you are too emotionally affected by the Oakland fire tragedy to dance or party, which is why we are not mixing the live acts and DJs.

Our reasoning behind throwing a “party” to raise money
is that people will already be going out on Friday night so we might as well give people the option to go out and have a good time while there money is being spent to benefit a good cause.

We will do everything possible for this night to honor and support the victims of this tragedy and hope that even if you can’t make it you can’t make it to this night, you can make an online donation or attend one of the other benefit shows happening soon.


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