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The Party by Ostbahnhof: Yam Bataller

St. Michael’s Day, Crusader Against Capitalism:


[ Sado Maso Disco / Hot Box, Berlin ]


[ Smartbar, Chicago ]


[ Mallory’s ]

Sound by Truechord
With Performances by Toulouse Control and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

Saturday, March 18th • 10pm – 4am
Lot 613, 613 Imperial St, Los Angeles CA 90021

This night is sure to scandalize, shock, and ensure the (r)Evolution! The Party by OST.BAHN.HOF (East Train Station) creates a wildly radical, yet innately safe space for people of all identities to exercise self-expression, celebrate art, reject gender norms, embrace sexuality and most importantly feel accepted in our collective weirdness. Society’s prescribed norms can weigh on us as heavy chains, even metastasizing social ills, but really they are just artificial constructs. We believe that through the kineticism of radical performance, rave culture, electronic music and all forms of art, we can free ourselves from the antiquated and institutionalized formulas that bind us. At the very least, The Party by OSTBAHNHOF challenges us to consider alternatives, and in the process we can guarantee partaking in a ridiculously good time with performances from some of our most extraordinarily talented fellow human beings. QUEER EMPOWERMENT, NOW!

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