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Party by Ostbahnhof: Post Apocalyptica






[NTS Radio](LIVE/DJ Debut)

Performances by Mammo , Charlotta , Sybtracks, & Amy’s Weinhaus

Saturday, May 20th • 10pm – 6am • Private Location, RSVP Req’d

It’s been a few more than 100 days since Agent Orange and his chalk-faced cronies took sweeping control of the United States—a modern-day American apocalypse. Gone are the days of welcoming the tired, the poor, and the huddled masses. Here are the days of sleepless nights pondering what new assault will be made on the fragile liberties we hold. Though weary, we revel and rebel because apocalyptic times bring great revelations–and the greatest yet was the realization of the power of the people. So let us rise, let us assemble, and let us turn our protest into power!

Ashley Bennett
Caleb Crowder
Derek Marshall

The Party by OSTBAHNHOF is an international event series that bridges the gap between queer music and arts communities across the world. Inspired by the performance art scene of Berlin, OSTBAHNHOF (East Train Station) resurrects the prolific vaudevillian and cabaret acts of yesteryear and imbues them with the radical queer politics of their contemporary counterparts.

Bearing the torch of intersectional inclusivity, OSTBAHNHOF creates safe spaces where all members of the LGBTQI can revel in some of our community’s most up-and-coming queer performance artists and musicians. Why stratify when we can unify?

Additionally, a portion of all the proceeds generated from our events are donated to local LGBTQI organizations. Our vision is one that humbly salutes the change-makers already serving our community, and acknowledges the importance of supporting the work already in place.

The Party by OSTBAHNHOF reminds us that in gathering as a community, we can empower ourselves, and that partying can be more than just fun…it can be radical.

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