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Noise Revolt: The Warriors


Dela Moontribe B2B Chief Jesta
Aaron Jacobs B2B Drew Blyther
Holliday B2B Aenera (Mojave)
Jason Esun B2B Shany
Borbi B2B Anderson M


Saturday, January 28th • 10pm – 5am • 21+ • Private Location • Ticket/RSVP Required

A midnight summit is on the horizon. A call to the boppers, the hooligans, the no-gooders, the shadies, the scoundrels, and the posses to come together as one. We are the armies of the night that gather here to spread the light. We meet together as a sign of peace within the community in these dark dystopian times. Join us as night falls over our city and we rise to the occasion. Assemble your squad! Come out and play!

Our event is based off the 1979 cult classic “The Warriors”. If you haven’t seen the film stream it HERE to get an idea of the night you are in for.

We highly encourage your squad dresses up and represents themselves at “The Warriors” You can purchase a squad 4 pack of tickets to gain entry for a cheaper price!
To access tickets to our gathering you must get a password from us directly. This is a private event!

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